The promising future of 3D bioprint technology in the medical industry

Just like we’ve repeatedly said before, 3D printing technology is evolving and will bring changes to almost everything. Apart from printing the casual novelty project at home with a desktop printer, majority of the industries have now started using the additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology changing the way we used to design, build, create, and even eat.

NASA is hoping to make use of this printing technology for the construction of houses on Mars for the future colonies whereas firms such as by Flow are employing the emerging technology for the creation of food & intricate edible tableware. The applications and uses seem to be both boundless and thrilling, yet this is just the beginning. So, what type of changes can we anticipate to see in the medical industry?

While the most evident application of 3D printing tech to the medical industry might be prosthetics, additive manufacturing is bringing changes to the medical industry in more ways than you can think. Take the example of something out of a science fiction film, researchers have been now enabled to 3D print organs.

3D bioprinting has lately gained huge momentum with an equal amount of ground-breaking activities happening both on the commercial side, as well as, the academic research; and this is just the beginning. Considering the current market & based on the current forecasts by IDTechEx, the global market for 3D bioprinting will eventually reach a value of $1.9Bn by the year 2028, according to our friends over at IDTechEx

There would come a time in the near future when all the major injuries and the organs will be treated with bioprint technology. Both researchers and firms have a lot to gain from 3D bioprinting. Bioprinting can be utilized for the testing of cosmetics & various other consumer goods, personalized medicine, drug screening, education, and most thrillingly regenerative medicine, according to IDTechEx.


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