How much will it cost you to run a distribution or manufacturing operation in Mexico? Request a Free Strategy Session and find out!

When you request a Free Strategy Session, you will get expert assistance to review your manufacturing or distribution expansion project for Mexico, where we will help you review the following strategies:
  • Site selection strategy
  • Legal start up strategy
  • Human resources strategy
  • Customs & Logistics strategies
  • Real Estate Strategies
  • Full compliance strategies
  • Among other administrative and location strategies
Additionally, you will receive a Free tailored Cost Model of your operation where you will be able to compare the total monthly operating cost and cost per hour of your operations in different regions in Mexico, including the following criteria:
  • Cost of direct and indirect labor
  • Cost of shipments to and from the International Ports of Entry
  • Cost of Real Estate Facility and Utilities
  • Other costs of operating in Mexico

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